What is spray tanning? How does it work? Is it safe?

Spray tanning—an revolutionary method that gives you the attraction of a golden tan without sacrificing your well-being—unlocks the secrets to a dazzling, sun-kissed glow. Spray tanning has emerged as a transforming alternative in a society where health-conscious beauty is key. Explore the intricacies of spray tanning, from its basic chemicals and application procedures to its indisputable advantages and potential drawbacks.

As the curtain rises on this cosmetic revolution, we reveal the mystery of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and how it interacts with your skin to create a natural, customised tan that lasts. We’ll deconstruct the procedure and answer, “Is spray tanning worth the investment?” Discover a world where sun-kissed dreams collide with wise decisions, guiding you towards a brilliant, bronzed, alluring and safe attractiveness.

What is Spray Tanning? Basic Ingredients

What is Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning is commonly known as sunless or fake tanning, in which you apply a fine mist of tanning solution using a tanning gun or any hand-held device. The tanning solution contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is the main ingredient in tanning solutions and other components like Erythrulose, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, and Fragrance. All these components play their part in a tanning solution to create the shade, increase its life span, Hydrate the skin to prevent redness and inflammation, keep skin moisturized and give your skin a lovely and pleasing fragrance. Body builders also use spray tans to enhancement of the muscles looking.

How does Spray Tanning work?

When the tanning solution is sprayed on your skin, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) interacts with the proteins on the outer layer of your skin to produce a brownish shade. The colour takes up to 8-12 hours to develop entirely on your skin and lasts several days. The longevity of your spray tan depends on 4 major factors we have discussed in How long does a spray tan last?

If we talk about how this process works, it starts from home, where you do all the pre- requites like exfoliation, showering, shaving, and wax at least a day before your appointment. 

Different ways are offered, including tanning booths, or you get manually sprayed by a specialist using an airbrush tool. Bringing it manually using an airbrush tool by the specialist is recommended because you can get a customized tan per your preferences.

After getting the spray tan, you will be asked to stay because it takes a little time to dry. After that, you can get dressed and leave.

It doesn’t end here; you must take care of it to extend it and enjoy the glow long after you get it done.

Are Spray Tans safe for the skin?

Sunless or Spray tanning is the safest way of getting a glowing tan look if done professionally, as you don’t have to risk your health and skin from the harmful UV rays, but you should also take some safety measures before you do this.

FDA has approved the DHA for sunless tanning agents to use externally; however, you should cover your eyes, nose, and mouth while getting the spray tan as it is risky for these areas of your body.

Also, suppose you have sensitive skin, a history of unrest, or an allergy to chemical products. In that case, you should tell your sprayer in advance so they can take possible measures to make this process fluent according to your skin type.

If we say this in a single line, this is the quicker and safer way for people who want a glowing tan look regardless of the seasons.

Pros and Cons of Spray Tanning

There are different tanning methods, and every form has its pros and cons, but let us discuss the pros and cons of spray tanning.


There are many advantages of spray tanning. Let’s list down a few.

1) Convenient and Time-Saving

Getting a spray tan is much more convenient and time-saving, as you can complete the entire procedure within a few minutes. It is convenient because you don’t have to plan as much ahead of your time as you have to do for other traditional methods.  

2) Safer than sunbathing

 It is just a fine mist of solution applied to your skin, which provides quicker results, but sunbathing will expose you to UV rays, which can cause sunburn or even skin cancer.

3) Customized results

 While getting a spray tan, you can have customized results per your preferences. You can choose the spray tan shade that suits you and get that applied to the areas of your body you want. It can also cover any blemishes or imperfections on your skin.

4) Use Year-Round

You can get the spray tan any time of the year in any season or occasion. You don’t need to wait for the summer like traditional tanning methods. Because of spray tanning, getting a beautiful tanned look does not depend on any specific season.


Let’s discuss a few possible struggles you can face.

1) Tanning is Costly

A spray tan from head to toe, on average, may cost around $30 – $60, depending on where you live, and it may last from 7 to 10 days. It is a bit more expensive when compared to other tanning methods like tanning creams or sun tanning. If you are on a tight budget, there may be better options than spray tanning.

2) Beware of the Stains

One needs to be careful of the stains caused by tanning solutions. It would be best to let the spray tan dry before putting on clothes; otherwise, it causes marks on the dress. Your furniture can also get effects by the tan if your skin gets in contact with them.

3) Chemical Allergies

However, safe spray tan contains chemicals like dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Although it is considered safe and approved by the FDA for external use only, there is research on the effects of DHA on the human body. Some people have reported getting an allergic reaction to it. So, getting it tested on a skin patch before getting it done on the whole body is better. Some people have also reported getting a faint odour because of chemicals, so it is recommended to use higher-quality tanning solutions.

How to Find the Perfect Place for Spray Tanning?

Finding a place to get your spray tan could be a bit of research as there are multiple things you need to ensure before finalizing any salon or spa.

First, you must ensure that your products should be top-notch, as poor products can damage your skin and cause serious problems.

Another thing you should check before going is that the technicians should be certified because a non-professional person can ruin your spray tanning experience.

It would be best to prefer open-air saloons or saloons with the proper ventilation system so the spray doesn’t go into your body with the breaths.

Is Spray Tanning Worth it?

Is Spray Tanning Worth it?

The worth of spray tanning can highly depend on your own experience, and you are the one who can answer this question correctly.

The worth of this experience can also depend on the professional. So, you must make sure that the person who is going to give you the spray tan should be a certified spray tanner it would be better if you check the reviews before going for it.

If we talk about the cost, it’s expensive for people interested in continuing to get spray tans. It is recommended that you can get a membership to any tanning salon to save money.

Getting a sun-kissed glowing look is no problem, regardless of months and seasons. If you are going to get a spray tan also, there are many other benefits, including low risk, convenience, and time-saving, so generally, it is worth it if you choose the right resources for yourself.


Spray tanning is a safe and quick way to get a bronzed tan look. A fine mist of a tanning solution gets applied to your body. The solution contains multiple ingredients that react with your skin’s top layer to form a tanning shade. It is safe and convenient because you don’t have to risk your skin with the Sun rays. It would help if you looked at the pros and cons of spray tanning to decide what’s better for you.