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Spray tanning provides a double delight, quick results and ease. As a result, the people will surrender to the temptation and purchase a spray tan bottle as soon as possible. However, choosing the incorrect shade in a hurry might have the opposite impact, making your skin appear false. Don’t be concerned! Your purchase will be worthwhile if you take five minutes before heading to the store to review the accompanying spray tan color guide.

How to Choose A Spray Tan Color?

How to Choose A Spray Tan Color?

There are several aspects to consider when selecting a spray tan color for your skin. While most salon employees can assist you in making the appropriate decision, it is always a good idea to research and know what colour spray tan you should get. Take a snapshot of your naturally tanned summer skin to the salon to help you choose a colour. In this manner, they may base the colour on it and potentially perform a patch test before the session to check if the colour picked works well. However, several variables must be considered while deciding on the best spray tan color for your skin. The list below will point you in the proper direction for the most natural-looking colour.

These elements are as follows:

  • Skin colour
  • Undertones of the skin 
  • Season
  • The presence of DHA

These elements all work together to decide which spray tan color looks best on your skin tone, so keep them in mind!

Choosing the Right Spray Tan Color for Your Skin Tone

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Your skin tone is crucial when selecting a spray tan color; it influences how your final tan should look. Fair and dark skin tones require different spray tan colors, so you can’t just assume which would work. Understanding your skin tone is the most incredible method to guarantee that you apply the appropriate shade and tones to your skin and that your tan appears natural and not too dark or light. Here are the different skin tones and the best matching shades:

Skin Tone: Very fair to fair

When getting their first spray tan treatment, those with pale or fair complexion should start with a shade lighter than their desired tone. You can always go darker, but going lighter might be more challenging. A lighter tint is recommended initially because the spray tan will significantly affect pale skin. Very fair and fair skin tones should use a delicate golden tone for a natural-looking tan. This will give the skin a sun-kissed finish and a gorgeous glow without appearing too dark. Choose a spray tan with a violet or red base to get a deeper appearance in the subsequent sessions since these will brown your skin tone even more for a darker, richer tan.

Skin Tone: Medium

Medium skin tones are fortunate because they do not need to go much darker but require a spray tan to accentuate their bronze tones. The goal would be to bring out your natural golden tones while perfecting the sun-kissed effect. A traditional colour spray tan would be ideal for this. Caramel tones, sunset shades, or even colourless spray tans can give you a dramatic tint and make you look like you’ve spent a week on a tropical island soaking up the rays. Medium skin tones are more tolerant of deeper spray tan colors, but you must be careful not to go too dark, or it will seem artificial. 

Skin Tone: Dark to Very Dark

Some argue that those with dark or very dark skin tones do not need to tan. However, you may disregard them if you want to tan! A spray tan may enhance hues and tones and allow your skin to glow if you have dark skin. Darker complexion tones should use a chocolate or classic hue with a golden shimmer. These colours will assist in bringing out your natural tints and gently accentuate them with a golden shine.

Choosing a Spray Tan Color Based on the Undertones of Your Skin

Many individuals need to understand their skin’s undertone, yet understanding your complexion is vital for making the appropriate decisions on spray tan colors, foundations, and hair colour. Your pigmentation can be affected by three different types of undertones. You can select the proper spray tan color by understanding the colour of your skin and foundation pigmentation. Here are the many skin undertones and ways to determine yours depending on your skin’s appearance:

  • Cool Undertone – Skin seems pink or bluish-red 
  • Warm Undertone – Skin appears yellowish
  • Neutral Undertone – Skin seems grey.

Once you’ve discovered your skin’s undertones, you may use these to determine the undertones of the spray tan. To get a more natural appearance, your spray tan should match your undertones. For example, a warm spray tan on top of a neutral undertone would not appear natural. Knowing your undertones and the sort of foundation you use can also assist the salon attendant in choosing the appropriate spray tan color for your complexion.

How to Identify Your Skin’s Undertones?

How to Identify Your Skin's Undertones

If you can’t tell your skin’s undertones just by looking at it, you may try a few tricks. Here are several methods for determining your undertones:

1. Vein color – The most straightforward technique to determine your skin’s undertones is to examine your vein colour. Examine your veins in natural light by holding your wrist out. The colour of your veins will reveal your undertones.

• Green veins indicate a warm undertone, whereas blueish-purple veins indicate a chilly undertone.

• Blue-green veining indicates a balanced undertone.

2. Wear white – Having a white and an off-white piece of cloth on hand might help you establish your skin hues. Place them near your face without makeup and evaluate which appears better and complements your skin tone. If the white seems brighter, your undertones are warmer. If you choose off-white, you have cooler undertones. Your undertones are neutral if both are excellent. If this appears strange, remember that undertones differ from typical skin tones, so don’t panic if your undertone shocks you!

3. Try on jewellery – Gold and silver jewellery can also assist you in determining your undertones. Gold jewellery looks best on warm undertones, while silver jewellery looks best on cold undertones. If you have neutral undertones, both will look wonderful.

Seasonal Colour Selection for Spray Tan


Summer is known for its brilliant sun and lengthy days; it is when you acquire the most fabulous tan! In the summer, you may go gorgeously golden and dark to show off a sun-kissed glow that is convincing when the sun is intense. Wear dark brown, orange, chocolate, or dark ash for the ideal summer appearance. These will highlight your skin’s golden shine and allow you to show off your deepest tones for the season. Remember that going too dark for your skin tone will seem unnatural.


Spring is beautiful but less solid and noticeable than summer. You can, however, choose a deeper hue to fit the bright season and ease into the scorching summer months. The finest spray tan colors for spring are darker yet still match your skin tone. Look for brown and chocolate undertones and those with a hint of sunset. Always be cautious not to get too dark. You want a natural-looking glow that complements the season.


Autumn offers a cooling of tones, and you may start to bring out your tan again to reflect the shifting of the seasons. As you prepare for winter, you should begin to cool down the tones, but you may still enjoy the warm glow of fall via your tan. Classic tan colours are ideal for the season, but if you want a warmer golden light, warm it up a little. Keep colours colder than in the summer and spring, but with a bit of glow and caramel tones to suit the season.


Winter calls for a more subtle tan, with softer tones that complement the winter gear you’ll be wearing regularly. You don’t want to get a dark, deep tan when there’s no way you could have gotten it by sitting out in the sun! It must be credible. Use soft golden, classic, and caramel tans to complement the dull light and chilly tones surrounding you. A lighter should only stand out when your surroundings are icy and freezing. Stick to more profound and warmer colours than your skin’s winter tone.

Choosing a Spray Tan Color Based on DHA Concentration

The DHA content of a spray tan is critical. If you haven’t already, you should start paying attention to this. The primary component in spray tans that gives you that dark tone is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). The greater the DHA content while spray tanning, the darker the spray tan color. To help you comprehend the numbers, a spray tan with a DHA value of 6% will be light, but one with a 15% or more significant DHA content will be considerably darker. The DHA % will be shown on most spray tan charts so you can get an idea of the outcomes. If not, consult with the salon attendant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What aspects should I consider while selecting a spray tan color?

Consider your natural skin tone, undertones, the occasion, and personal preferences when choosing a spray tan color. Undertones are significant since they indicate whether to go with cold, warm, or neutral colours.

2. How can I figure out my undertones for a spray tan?

Examining the veins on your wrist might reveal your undertones. You most likely have cold undertones if they seem blue. Greenish veins imply warm undertones, whereas a combination of both indicates neutral undertones.

3. What colour should I wear if I have pale skin?

Lighter spray tan colors with golden undertones suit fair skin the best. This results in a faint, natural-looking glow.

4. Can I obtain a spray tan if my skin tone is dark?

Absolutely! Those with darker skin tones can use darker spray tan colors to enhance their natural brightness. Take care not to go too black since this may appear strange.

5. Is there a hue reserved for occasions?

A darker tan may be preferred for a more dramatic look for important occasions. However, the final decision is based on your tastes and the appearance you want to accomplish.