Tanning for men- All about natural and spray tanning

Experience the changing tanning scene, where the desire for a sun-kissed glow is no longer limited to women. Tanning for males has gained popularity due to the modern period’s evolving notions of beauty and masculinity. In this detailed article, we’ll look into the numerous options guys might take to obtain that desired tan, from natural sun tanning and spray tanning to self-tanners and tanning beds.

We want to provide you with a complete guide that navigates the realm of tanning for guys by discussing the procedures, safety precautions, and potential effects. So, whether you want a sun-kissed complexion or a subtle enhancement, this article will help you make educated decisions and accept tanning as a viable alternative for everyone.

Tanning For Men

A tan for men can be achieved through various tanning methods, including

  1. Sun Bathing
  2. Spray Tanning
  3. self-tanning
  4. Tanning Beds

Sun Bathing

Mostly preferred as you can just go there and start getting your skin tanned while enjoying the cold sea breezes and a chilled mint margarita. Your body starts to get dark when UV rays penetrate your skin.

You have to be very careful while tanning naturally in the sun because the UV rays can also burn your body and become dangerous for your health if you are not following the proper precautions. Make sure to use a sunscreen minimum of 30 Spf to protect your skin from the extra damage of sun rays.

You should avoid taking the tanning sessions during the peak hours of the sun (10 am to 3 pm); instead, schedule your activity in the early morning or evening, but if you still want to tan in the peak hours, then you should limit your exposure to the sun by the 15 minutes and not more than that.

Your body starts to dehydrate while you are in the sun, so take water with you while tanning and drink it more frequently as dehydrated skin is more prone to get burned by the UV rays, and this sunburn can become the cause of Skin cancer too.

spray tan for men

Spray tanning is the safest method of fake tanning and is popular among ladies but what about the male spray tan? According to a survey, only 21 percent of men get the spray tan on special occasions or events like weddings when the guy is becoming a groom or bodybuilding championships, and most of them wonder if guys can get spray tan in their daily lives like women.

Spray tanning can enhance a man’s looks and make him more attractive, unfortunately, men are not interested in fake tanning if we compare them to women. But if you are a man trying to decide whether you should do a spray tan, we have got you covered. Let’s talk about all the facts about mens spray tanning. During your session, a fine mist of tanning solution gets applied to your skin using a spray gun.

Tanning solution contains DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which is vital in giving your skin a darker color. DHA stays on the upper layer of your skin and interacts with the amino acids to form a temporary dark color on your skin. Spray tanning services are widely available in tanning salons, spas, beauty parlors, and gyms. You have to find a place and book your appointment with them.

Getting a Spray Tan…

men’s spray tan before and after

It is equally essential for the man to follow the tips for spray tanning before and after the session; otherwise, the results could be nasty.

Tips Before the session

  • Exfoliating your skin before your spray tanning session could be a perfect choice as by doing this, you can remove the present dead cells on your skin and delay the natural exfoliation cycle of your body as there would be no dead cells to shed for the skin, this would help your skin absorbing and settling the whole spray tanning solution and provide you the best results so make sure that you exfoliate at least 8 hours before your session.
  • If there are any unnecessary hairs on your body you are going to wax, or you are going to shave your beard in a couple of days as per your routine, then you have to make sure that you do that before your Spray tan session. You can not wax or shave your skin after applying the spray tan because it will peel the tanning solution off your skin and leave you with ugly, patchy skin. So, you need to wax or shave at least 8 to 12 hours before your session so it doesn’t become a hurdle for your smooth fake tanning experience.
  • You have to make sure that any of your routine colognes, perfumes, sunscreens or deodorants, or any similar products are not applied on your skin while going for the spray tanning because these products can become the barrier for your tanning solution due to their oily nature and won’t let the solution gets adjusted with the skin thoroughly. So, you don’t apply any of these products during your session.  
  • Communication with your spray tanning technician is vital to get your desired results. As a man, if you want to target any specific area of your body like abs or biceps etc., you can communicate it to your technician. If you have any doubts or queries about the procedure, you can ask the technician to get comfortable with it. Make sure you communicate if you are on some medication or have any skin condition so they can take possible measures to experience the best.

Tips After the Session

Getting a spray tan could be fascinating for you, but f you don’t take the precautions after the tanning session, then I am sorry to say that your perfect fake-tanned look will be destroyed within no time.

  • After spray tanning as a man, you need to ensure that you don’t get involved in any physical activity which will cause you to sweat or get wet for at least the first 12 hours until the spray tan gets fully adjusted to your skin. These activities include routine exercise, sports, swimming, or showering. Getting wet or sweaty by any means can wash off the tanning solution from your skin when it’s not settled. So, ensure you avoid getting wet so your solution gets dried and lasts longer.
  • After the solution ultimately settles and gets dried on your skin, you can take a shower, but during the storm, using harsh soaps, shampoo, body wash, or any similar products can be dangerous for your spray tan as when they get along with the tanning solution on your skin, they will cause it to lose the place and wash off the skin due to their high base removing natures. After taking showers, swimming sessions on the beach or pool, or workout at the gym, don’t just rub your skin with some drying clothes or towels, as rubbing your skin will start to peel the tanning solution off your skin. You can simply pat the wet area with a towel or drying cloth to make it dry.
  • Moisturize your skin daily with your preferred moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Moisturizer can make you feel shiny and glowing with your spray tan and enhance your attractiveness. When you think your skin is getting dried, apply the moisturizer to keep it hydrated, as dry skin is more prone to start peeling off. If your skin starts to peel off, it will also peel the spray tanning effect from your skin, so make sure you keep it healthy and moisturized.
  • For the longevity of your glowing tanned look, you must take care of it properly if the spray tan starts to fade from some specific part of your body, so you should go for the touchup if you want to keep it long. You can also take mild touchups every 5 to 7 days according to your skin type and color.

Related Questions to Male Spray Tanning

Fake tanning for men is less prevalent. That’s why people have questions and queries and always want a good guide according to their needs, so here it is. Let’s clarify your questions and misconceptions about men’s spray tan.

1) what do guys wear to spray tan?

 What guys wear while spray tanning is a valid question for both the spray tanner and the male customer because male spray tanning is not that popular. You must take loose-fitting clothes to the salon to wear after you get your spray tan done because the loose clothes won’t interact with your freshly sprayed tanning solution and won’t disturb it.

Now while getting a spray tan, a male can wear loose-fitting shorts to avoid the tanning line, or swim shorts can also be a good option if you are comfortable wearing them. The next possible solution for this could be disposable underwear. Still, you have to ask your spray tanner if they have this disposable underwear available with them, but if they don’t, you can also purchase it online.

2) can guys spray tan with hairy legs?

It is common for guys to have grown hairs on the legs, hands, or chest, so if you have body hair, can you get a spray tan? Hence, the straight answer for you is Yes, you can get a spray tan; however, there could be just a slight difference for you to adjust the tanning solution on your skin with the body hairs. You can communicate this with your technician, as the professional technician knows how to change the solution with the hairs. Also, if you want to remove the hairs, you can do that too before the session, but if you are unwilling, it will cause little difference.

3) Does Tanning Increase Testosterone?

Exposure to sunlight can increase vitamin D production in your body, and according to WILLIAM B. GRANT and MICHEAL F. HOLIC, Vitamin D can increase Testosterone levels. UV rays can stimulate the production of Luteinizing hormone (LH), improving testosterone production in the testes. However, tanning in the sun can be harmful to your skin too, so make sure you take all the possible precautions to avoid the damage.

4) do guys spray tan?

Fake tan for men is less famous, so people always wonder whether the guys spray tans. So yeah, men also use the spray tan with the same goals as women to achieve a tanning glow without soaking themselves in the sun. There are tips and tricks shared above that every man should follow before and after their spray tanning session to take the most out of it.

Self-Tanning for men

If you are a man with a busy schedule and can’t get time out from your routine to go for natural sun tanning or spray tanning, then these self-tanning products can be beneficial and handy for achieving the golden tan in less time and hustle.

Tanning Mousse for men

Tanning mousse is one of the most frequent self-tanning products to be used, and this is also available for men, so you can get a tanning mousse online or buy it from a nearby beauty products store. You have to moisturize your skin before using it, and then you can apply it simply by using a tanning mitt or glove. Ensure you spread the mousse per the product’s instructions to get even results.

 Tanning foam for men

Tanning foams are the lightest formula self-tanning product. As a man, if you are just interested in a light tanning effect on your skin, then tanning foams are the right choice for you. These are very easy to apply and dry quickly on the skin, giving you a pleasant golden tanning look per your needs. You can soon get the tanning foam online or at your nearby stores. You can apply it to your body using a tanning glove or mitt. Apply it in a circular motion over your body and ensure it doesn’t get to your eyes or any other sensitive area, as it can cause restlessness. Follow the instructions written on the products to get the full benefit of the product.

Tanning drops for men

Tanning foams are the lightest formula self-tanning product. As a man, if you are just interested in a light tanning effect on your skin, then tanning foams are the right choice for you. These are very easy to apply and dry quickly on the skin, giving you a pleasant golden tanning look per your needs. You can soon get the tanning foam online or at your nearby stores. You can apply it to your body using a tanning glove or mitt. Apply it in a circular motion over your body and ensure it doesn’t get to your eyes or any other sensitive area, as it can cause restlessness. Follow the instructions written on the products to get the full benefit of the product.

Tanning beds for men

The tanning bed is also a form of self-tanning; like every other method, it is rare among men. However, tanning beds are the most unsafe tanning method, the artificial UV rays generates in the tanning beds to tan your skin. But these UV rays can cause many diseases like skin cancer and other major skin diseases. So it is unsafe to use it at first, but if you are men and still want to use the tanning bed, here are some tips for making it a safer experience for yourself, and let’s answer some of the questions too.

Tanning bed tips for guys

If you are a guy looking to tan with tanning beds, here are some tips for your safety. You need to follow the tips and take all the safety measures to protect your skin from the possible damage of UV rays which can potentially turn into skin cancer or some other disturbing skin diseases.

Tip # 1

Use a high SPF sunscreen recommended spf 50 before you go for the tanning session, as it can reduce the direct effect of UV rays and save you from upcoming skin burns due to the high intensity of UV rays. You can select the sunscreen as per your skin type and preferences.

Tip # 2

UV rays from the tanning bed can affect your eyes very dangerously, so you have to wear a protective google before entering the bed. UV rays can cause cancer to the eye by damaging its delicate layers, so it is essential to take all the possible safety measures for your eyes.

Tip # 3

Don’t overdo the use of a tanning bed. Make your sessions limited, and make sure that for getting a better and darker tan, you don’t trap yourself with overdoing the tanning session in bed because it can hurt your skin badly and turn it into sunburn, which can become cancer for your skin and also vital for you to limit it by not using the beds so frequently doing it once in a blue moon could be fine for you but making it a habit will cost you.

Tip # 4

Analyze your skin before and after the use of a tanning bed. If you see some dark spots or moles that are increasing the size, changing colors, or giving you pain, you should quickly see the doctor and get these signs analyzed professionally, as these could be the initial signs of cancer.

What do guys wear in tanning bed?

Wearing for a guy in a tanning bed is per their own choice. By this, I don’t mean you can wear full clothing. Still, some people prefer to wear just underwear or loose-fit shorts, while others are comfortable in swimming shorts, so it all depends on what you choose to wear or what your tanning salon requires. Some people prefer to use the tanning booth or bed entirely naked to avoid tanning lines, but it depends on your choice or the limit set by the tanning salon you are using. After the tanning bed session, you can wear whatever you want. You should wear dark loose-fit clothes in case you get a burn during the session.


Tanning for men is getting popular in this modern era. You can keep your masculinity and follow the contemporary era’s beauty standards. A bronze golden look is attractive, and that a men can achieve through various sources of tanning. Such as natural sun tanning, spray tanning for men, self-tanning, and tanning beds. No need to embarrass yourself as a man Tanning is for everybody. However, you must follow all the tips before and after the session. And take all safety measures to protect yourself from potential skin damage.