how to lay in a tanning bed? Learn the best positions to tan

When natural sunlight is scarce, lying in a tanning bed may be a peaceful and fun approach to get a sun-kissed hue, but do you know how to lay in a tanning bed? Tanning beds emit ultraviolet (UV) rays that stimulate melanin production within the skin, ultimately resulting in a darker tone. However, you must proceed cautiously and prioritize your safety when you lay in a tanning bed. In this guide, we’ll lead you through the procedures to guarantee a good and responsible tanning bed experience. Whether you’re an experienced tanner or a beginner, knowing how to lie in a tanning bed properly will help you obtain the desired results while minimizing the hazards connected with indoor tanning.

how to lay in a tanning bed?

how to lay in a tanning bed?

When you enter the tanning bed, put the goggles over your eyes. Closing your eyes is insufficient protection and can result in severe eye injury.

Stretch out on your back with your arms outstretched at your sides, palms up. This will guarantee that the front of your body is wholly tanned. Allowing your arms or fingers to rest on your body can result in uneven tanning, so allow space between your arms and torso. Turn onto your stomach and relax your arms, palms down. If you want to avoid having white, untanned skin behind your arms, rest on your back with your arms above your head rather than by your sides. Some people position their arms over their heads to avoid this difficulty when lying on their back or stomach.

Lay on one side, then turn and do the opposite. This will prevent you from getting white stripes down your sides. Just make sure you spend the same amount of time on either side. Bend your knees slightly to avoid an issue known as “butt moons.” Butt moons are merely a tiny area of skin that does not brown because the buttocks and top of the legs push together to keep UV rays away from them. They usually are only visible when you bend over, but they are especially evident on those with dark tans. This is generally remedied by turning the legs.

tanning bed positions

tanning bed positions

Before laying down in a tanning bed, determine your starting position to ensure a consistent tanning effect. This will assist you to maintain your posture. And preventing blotchy skin. Here are six easy steps:

  • Locate the centre of the tanning bed.
  • Stand in the centre, arms outstretched on both sides.
  • Use tape or a marker to mark either side of your body.
  • Remove any things that might interfere with placement, such as jewellery or clothes.
  • Lie face up on the bed, on top of a clean towel.
  • Make sure the marks on both ends of your body match, keeping your arms at your sides and your legs parallel.

Maintaining this position during the tanning session is necessary to avoid because of the bright spots caused by movement. Remember that the markings should be visible when lying down instead of standing. Choose a mark that is simple to detect.

how to tan my sides in tanning bed?

how to tan my sides in tanning bed?

Here are some postures you may take to achieve a great tan on your sides without having to worry about anything else:

Spreading your arms

This position not only tanks your sides but also hits a portion of your underarms and the inner thigh. To begin, lie on the tanning bed in a straight body position. Then, slightly open your arms and legs from the side to allow rays to hit you. This posture will enable you to target numerous places simultaneously, reducing the inconvenience of tanning each body part individually.

Tanning your stomach area

Yet another posture may be used to tan the sides efficiently. Also, tanning your tummy and underarms simultaneously. Lay in bed with your stomach facing the glass to perform this pose. Then, place both hands on top or behind your head. That position is beautiful since it exposes specific body portions for easier tanning.

Laying sideways

Avoid tan lines when attempting to achieve a better tan on the sides. This is, without a doubt, their most effective stance. This will affect the sides of your body and will not affect the rest of your body. They begin by lying completely flat on the tanning bed. Then, move slightly to the side, elevating your arms and staggering your legs. Remove pressure points from the back, shoulder, buttocks, and thighs.

Can you lay on your stomach in a tanning bed?

It would help if you put effort into achieving an even tan. Because leaving the tanning bed with an uneven tan is so usual, you should grasp the proper positions to give your body a great tan.

There are only two options for the most significant positions to lay in for the most even tan. This includes lying on your back and lying on your stomach. While this may seem apparent, alternating between the two positions will allow you to tan your body evenly without pressure spots or bright patches.

Spend time on your back and stomach and a little amount on each side to ensure an even tan. Consider putting your hands under your chin and resting them there to make yourself more comfortable when lying on your stomach. Note that this will also guarantee that you adequately tan your neck and wrists.

how to tan underarms in tanning bed?

Tanning the underarms in a tanning bed necessitates precise posture and a few essential techniques. Begin by prepping your skin by removing any lotions and exfoliating to eliminate dead skin cells. Extend your arms upward and outward in the tanning bed to expose the underarm area to UV radiation. After a few minutes, twist your body to get equal exposure to both underarms. A tanning lotion developed for indoor tanning will help your tan last longer. Begin with small sessions and progressively increase the duration as your tan develops. Always use proper goggles to protect your face and eyes. Remember that tanning responsibly is essential to avoiding skin damage and overexposure.

Do you close the tanning bed all the way?

When utilizing a tanning bed, it is vital to shut it entirely for an effective and safe tanning session. The tanning bed protects you from potentially dangerous UV radiation while still allowing you to tan. Closing the bed ensures your entire body is evenly exposed to UV rays. Leaving the bed partially open might result in uneven tanning or even overexposure in certain regions, which can cause pain or skin injury. Consequently, it’s important to fully close the tanning bed and follow the salon’s guidelines for the greatest and safest results.


To summaries, getting the ideal tan in a tanning bed needs meticulous planning and a few key actions. It is about how you lay in bed, skin preparation, tanning creams, and session time. You may assist in achieving an equal, sun-kissed glow by following body posture instructions, including those intended particularly for underarms and sides. Safety should always come first, from wearing protective eyewear to avoiding overexposure. Remember that shutting the tanning bed entirely is integral to the procedure. Responsible tanning is essential for preserving healthy, glowing skin. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned tanner, the appropriate methods will help you get the desired results while minimizing the hazards involved with indoor tanning. Always seek personalized guidance from tanning specialists, and remember that moderation is essential for a healthy and attractive tan.