Homemade Self Tanner, how to make it?

Getting golden, sun-kissed skin does not require expensive cosmetics or exposure to dangerous UV radiation. This blog will unveil the deep and interesting facts of making your self-tanner from basic substances accessible in your kitchen. We’ll look at different DIY self-tanning methods that allow you to enjoy a radiant glow while avoiding the problems of commercial solutions, whether it’s the natural hue of cocoa powder or the revitalising benefits of coffee.

Furthermore, we’ll go into DIY tanning oils and lotions, demonstrating how concoctions from olive oil, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients may give moisture and a longer-lasting tan. Let’s begin on a voyage of skin-friendly self-tanning that allows you to bask in the sun’s brightness without jeopardizing the health of your skin.

Homemade Self Tanner How to make it?

Homemade Self Tanner How to make it?

Homemade self tanner recipes are an excellent method to create a natural-looking tan while avoiding potentially dangerous chemicals. You may make customised self-tanning products using basic materials such as cocoa powder, coffee, etc. Try these DIY methods to achieve a sun-kissed hue without needing pricey store-bought products.

Cocoa Powder

Because of its natural tinting qualities, cocoa powder is common in homemade self tanner. To make a self-tanner with cocoa powder, you’ll need the following ingredients:


  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 4 tablespoons of lotion or moisturizer (unscented)
  • Optional: a few drops of liquid bronzer or natural oil for added glow


  1. Combine cocoa powder, lotion, or moisturizer in a small dish. Stir thoroughly to ensure the cocoa powder is completely absorbed into the liquid.
  2. Apply a few drops of liquid bronzer or natural oil such as almond or coconut to your skin to increase bronzing and moisture.
  3. Thoroughly combine all ingredients until they are smooth and uniform.
  4. Exfoliate your skin before using a self-tanner to achieve an even application and longer-lasting effects.
  5. Use circular movements to apply the self-tanner to your body, exactly as you would with ordinary lotion or self-tanner products.
  6. Allow the mixture to dry completely before wearing garments to avoid color transfer.
  7. Repeat the application technique for a deeper tan after a few hours or the next day.

The intensity of the colour will vary according to your natural skin tone and the amount of cocoa powder used. Begin with a little amount and gradually increase to reach the desired colour.


Coffee is a terrific way to start the day; when coupled with lotion or moisturiser, it may also produce a natural tanning effect. Here’s how to produce your DIY self-tanner with coffee:

homemade self tanner with coffee


  • 2 tablespoons of brewed coffee (strong)
  • 4 tablespoons of unscented lotion or moisturizer


  1. Make a strong cup of coffee and leave it to cool completely. Refrigerate it to accelerate cooling.
  2. Combine the cooled coffee and unscented lotion or moisturiser in a dish. Mix thoroughly to ensure that the coffee is uniformly distributed.
  3. Massage the solution into your skin, concentrating on the areas you want to tan. 
  4. Rub it in with circular movements.
  5. Allow the self-tanning lotion to completely dry before removing excess coffee.
  6. Repeat the method in a few hours or the next day if you want a deeper tan.
  7. Remember to moisturise your skin frequently to ensure the endurance of your tan.

Coffee may create a transient tan that is washed away. Add cocoa powder or other natural tanning agents to the recipe for longer-lasting effects.

By experimenting with these homemade self tanner recipes, you may get a natural-looking tan without the harmful consequences of prolonged sun exposure or commercial tanning treatments. Take advantage of your gorgeous, sun-kissed brightness!

Homemade Tanning Oil

Making your DIY tanning oil is a low-cost and customizable approach to improving your tan while moisturising your skin. You may make your homemade tanning oil using simple items like olive, coconut, and essential oils. Try these simple recipes for a healthy, sun-kissed glow without store-bought items.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a basic culinary essential that may also be used to make your tanning oil. It moisturises the skin while also boosting your tan. Here’s how to produce homemade tanning oil with olive oil:

Homemade tanning oil


  • Equal parts olive oil and coconut oil
  • Several drops of your preferred essential oil (optional)


  1. Combine olive and coconut oil in a clean bottle or jar. For example, ¼ cup of each oil can be used for a small quantity.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of your favourite essential oil for a lovely scent. Lavender, vanilla, and citrus oils are also popular choices.
  3. Tightly close the bottle or container and shake vigorously to combine all components properly.
  4. Shake the container well before each use to combine the oils fully.
  5. Apply the tanning oil liberally to your skin before going outside in the sun. Gently massage it in with circular strokes.
  6. Reapply the tanning oil every few hours to keep the moisturising and tanning benefits going.
  7. Always use sunscreen and tanning oil to protect your skin from dangerous UV radiation.

What Can I Use as Tanning Oil?

If you don’t have olive oil or want an alternative, you may make your tanning solution with baby oil. Baby oil is a lightweight, moisturising solution that might help your tan last longer. Here’s how you can put it to use:


  1. Begin with a tiny amount of baby oil, perhaps a teaspoon or more, depending on the amount of coverage wanted.
  2. Massage the baby oil gently into your skin for even distribution.
  3. Combine a few tablespoons of your favourite essential oil with the baby oil to add a pleasant smell.
  4. Allow the oil to penetrate your skin before stepping outside in the sun.
  5. Reapply tanning oil to retain moisture and improve your tan.
  6. For appropriate sun protection, use sunscreen in addition to tanning oil.
  7. The DIY tanning oil with olive and baby oil options moisturises and might help you achieve a better tan. 
  8. Select the finest solution for your skin type to get a healthy, natural-looking glow.

Homemade Tanning Lotion

DIY lotions are an excellent method to give hydration and a longer-lasting tan. You may make customized DIY tanning creams with only a few simple materials. Try these simple concoctions made with aloe vera gel, unscented lotion, vitamin E oil, and other natural components. With these DIY lotion recipes, you can pamper your skin and get a gorgeous, glowing tan.

Moisturizing Lotion

This homemade moisturising tanning lotion combines the moisturising properties of aloe Vera gel and unscented lotion with other ingredients to provide a nurturing and tan-enhancing effect.


  • Equal parts aloe Vera gel and unscented lotion (e.g., ½ cup each)
  • A few drops of vitamin E oil
  • Optional: a pinch of cocoa powder for a subtle hint of color


  1. Combine aloe Vera gel and unscented lotion in a mixing dish. For example, you may begin with ½ cup of each.
  2. A few drops of vitamin E oil help moisturize and nourish the skin.
  3. If preferred, add a sprinkle of cocoa powder for a light hue. Add the amount depending on your requirement.
  4. Combine all the ingredients in a blender until fully blended.
  5. After exfoliating your skin, use circular movements to apply the homemade tanning lotion to your body, ensuring uniform coverage.
  6. Massage the lotion into the skin’s surface until it is entirely absorbed.
  7. Allow the lotion to dry before dressing to avoid color transfer.

Apply the lotion daily for the best benefits, and remember to wear sunscreen with it to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays.

Shea Butter

This DIY tanning lotion blends shea butter’s moisturising powers with natural oils to provide strong hydration and a healthy-looking tan.

Things to be added: 

  • shea butter (½ cup)
  • coconut oil (¼ cup)
  • A single tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil
  • Optional: a few drops of your preferred essential oil for a pleasant scent


  1. Keep the heat low of the double boiler to melt the shea butter, coconut oil, and almond (or olive) oil. Gently stir until completely melted and mixed.
  2. Remove the mixture from the heat and leave aside to cool.
  3. Ensure some drops of your favourite essential oil for a lovely smell. 
  4. Stir thoroughly to ensure that the essential oil is equally distributed.
  5. Leave the mixture at room temperature to solidify or refrigerate it for faster results.
  6. Once the homemade tanning lotion has hardened, reheat and soften it by rubbing a tiny quantity between your palms.
  7. Massage the lotion into your skin in circular strokes until completely absorbed.
  8. Reapply as required to keep hydrated and improve your tan.
  9. Use sunscreen in addition to homemade tanning lotion for thorough protection of your skin from dangerous rays. 

By producing homemade tanning lotions, you can tailor the ingredients to your preferences and nourish your skin while achieving a beautiful tan. Enjoy your inherent radiance and embrace it.


A beautiful tan does not have to include dangerous sun exposure or costly chemicals. You may produce a natural-looking glow with homemade self tanner, tanning oils, and lotions prepared from household materials. Experiment with these recipes, and remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin from overexposure to the sun. Accept your inner glow and enjoy a safe, at-home tan.