Cocktail tanning – Glam Glowing

Tanners continuously search for creative procedures that deliver a beautiful tan and emphasize skin health in the ever-changing world of tanning. Cocktail tanning is one such method that has gained popularity in recent years. In this detailed guide, we will dig into the concept of cocktail tanning, evaluate the combination of a spray tan and tanning bed, provide critical suggestions for a good tanning cocktail experience, and exhibit the spectacular alterations it can bring about. So, grab your favourite drink (and some sunscreen!) and join me as we explore the exciting world of cocktail tanning.

Types of Cocktail tanning methods?

Cocktail tanning combines two of the most popular methods: Tanning beds and spray tanning. It is applied in two steps, which results in a rich golden tan that generally lasts longer than a spray tan alone. Cocktail tanning begins with spending time in a UV ray tanning bed. This will be a shorter duration than a typical sunbed session. UV rays increase melanin formation in the skin, causing it to darken. It also aids in the opening of your skin’s pores. When your tanning bed session is ended, you step out of the bed and immediately apply a spray tan.

After the tanning bed session, this should be done as soon as possible so that the spray tan mixture may fully permeate the skin and provide more significant effects. The ensuing tan is more profound and darker because the spray tan mixture is administered to open pores coupled with extra melanin from the tanning bed. This will provide better, darker effects, and cocktail tans are claimed to linger longer than regular spray tans.

cocktail spray tan

The spray tan, the initial component of a cocktail tan, is critical in producing a beautiful sun-kissed hue through a thorough sunless tanning technique. To accurately apply specialized tanning solutions to the skin’s surface, highly trained specialists use cutting-edge spray guns or booths. Spray tanning is distinguished by its exceptional ability to provide a natural-looking tan equivalent to regular sun exposure and the versatility and adaptability to customize the shade and intensity to individual tastes and skin tones.

These tanning solutions interact with the top layer of the skin, namely amino acids, causing a chemical reaction involving Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to occur, resulting in a brief darkening and bronzing of the outermost skin layer and a beautiful and customized tan. Spray tanning is vital to the cocktail tan experience due to its accuracy, customization, and natural effects, providing the basis for a transforming and long-lasting tan that turns heads.

Spray tan and tanning bed together

Spray tan and tanning bed together

The attraction of cocktail tanning stems from the seamless combination of a spray tan and a tanning bed session. This is how it works:

Pre-Spray Tan

The pre-spray tan becomes the dazzling precursor to your tanning trip before your tanning bed session, delivering an instantaneous, golden glow for quick colour delight while your natural tan deepens gradually. This painstakingly applied spray tan is the basis for developing your whole tan, giving you a head start on getting that coveted sun-kissed look. Aside from the immediate effects, it provides personalized alternatives, with professional experts assisting you in selecting the correct shade to compliment your skin tone and changing the strength to meet your tastes, ensuring your first tan aligns smoothly with your individual style and aesthetic objectives.

Tanning Bed Session

It’s time to hit the tanning bed when your spray tan has dried. Controlled UV rays within the bed encourage the formation of melanin in your skin, resulting in a deeper and longer-lasting tan. Tanning beds allow you to regulate the tanning process by adjusting the intensity and duration of your sessions to get the ideal tan level.

Post-Tanning Care

Proper skin hydration becomes essential after your restorative tanning bed experience. Beyond simply preserving the radiance of your tan, this critical phase is also responsible for protecting your skin’s general health and vitality.

tanning cocktail tips

tanning cocktail tips

Achieving the perfect cocktail tan requires careful consideration and preparation. Here are some indispensable tips to ensure your success:

Exfoliation Before Spray Tan

Exfoliating your skin is essential before beginning your spray tan adventure. This pre-tan procedure entails the delicate but thorough removal of accumulated dead skin cells, which might interfere with the proper application of the tanning solution. By exfoliating diligently, you not only create a beautifully smooth canvas for the tanning solution, but you also promote its even and consistent adherence, resulting in a striking, enduring tan that graces your skin for an extended period, leaving you with a radiant and long-lasting sun-kissed glow.

Choosing the Right Shade

When starting your spray tan adventure, it’s critical to work closely with a seasoned tanning specialist to select the appropriate spray tan shade that blends flawlessly with your natural skin tone and corresponds with your desired level of tanning. The experience and supervision of a professional may make all the difference in this collaborative process, ensuring that your outcome reaches the most excellent natural-looking radiance, altering your appearance with the artistry of perfection.

Adhering to Tanning Bed Guidelines

When using a tanning bed, strictly following the manufacturer’s recommended requirements is critical. This rigorous commitment includes adhering to approved exposure periods and session frequency. Overexposure to tanning beds may harm your skin’s health and beauty. Ensure to emphasize the need for putting safety first and following these recommendations religiously. Your skin’s health and long-term brightness depend on this cautious approach to tanning bed use.

Diligent Moisturization

Meticulous moisturization, which prolongs its vitality before and after tanning sessions, is essential in developing a vivid, long-lasting tan. Maintaining well-hydrated skin is necessary not only for extending the durability of your tan but also for retaining its persistent brilliance and stunning look.

cocktail tan before and after

The metamorphosis brought about by a well-tailored cocktail tan is undoubtedly impressive. Your skin will accurately represent your baseline tone before commencing on this magical voyage. However, after partaking in the cocktail tan experience, you’ll emerge beautiful, with a sun-kissed radiance that oozes timeless attractiveness.

The combination of an instant spray tan application and the gradual development fostered by the tanning bed. It creates a breathtaking and long-lasting tan that gives the appearance of having luxuriated for days beneath the sun’s golden rays. This transformation leaves a lasting impression of luminous beauty.


Cocktail tanning is a unique and ground-breaking technique for attaining the ideal tan. Combining the instant attraction of a spray tan with the long-lasting, gradual metamorphosis fostered by tanning bed sessions. Cocktail tanning, in this optimum mix, provides a harmonious marriage of simplicity and length, providing the ultimate tanning experience. With this thorough guide’s professional insights and ideas, you can go on a renewing journey with fresh knowledge and confidence, revealing your inner brilliance.

Cocktail tanning is the flexible and changeable alternative for realising your tanning aspirations. Whether preparing for a special event, longing for that sun-kissed glow before a well-deserved vacation, or simply desiring a consistent and year-round radiance. Let us raise our metaphorical cocktail glasses in a jubilant triumph to the exciting world of cocktail tanning. A beautiful mix of science and beauty that may brighten your life and give you the most confidence. Here’s to sun-kissed brightness and the enduring allure of healthy, glowing skin.